How much will my customers pay to download the App on the iTunes store?
Nothing! The app is a free download for your customers. You pay the fee to ProPhotoApps for set up, support and hosting and then can offer this to your clients with your compliments.

Why do I need an App?
The iPhone has more market share than any other mobile smartphone in the world. Couple that with iPod touch users and you have a huge market that your competitors are likely not marketing to! Your logo on your clients phone will be seen many times in a day (talk about awesome brand recognition!) and when your clients are on-the-go (face it.. most busy people multi-task on the road!) you are giving them a way to contact you, book appointments and share your information with others they meet during their day. Plus- what a simple way to show off your best work and keep your clients inspired and in awe of your talents!

Do I have to have an iPhone to set up the app?
Nope! All of the set up is done on a private website administration panel. You login online and make changes which will then instantly update your clients’ apps! You do not need to have an iPhone/iPod Touch to set up the app.

What do you mean by a custom branded app?
Quite simply, it is 100% your very own iPhone app. It has your name, your logo, your photos. When people search for YOUR studio on the iPhone store, they can find you! This will help differentiate your business and offer a unique way to market to your clients (and new clients) at an affordable price!

How often can I change the information in my app?
Your news, photos and other information within your app can be changed whenever and how ever often you like! These changes are instant!

How often can I change the information in the iTunes store (i.e. icon, description)?
You may change this information as often as you like, however, there is a nominal fee for resubmission as an update to the Apple Store. This process takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

How do I get new features of your app as they are released?
In your hosting, support and upgrade fee, all updates are included. Some may require updates from the apple store (in which event you would receive the little notification icon the same way other apps are updated) Other updates you will notice in the backend administration panel when you login. All updates are done as we have them ready.

I have an idea of suggestion for features for your next version?
Great! We are always looking for ways to improve our offerings! If you have ideas for new features and upgrades please submit it through the contact us page, or email sales@prophotoapps.com

Any plans to develop this for the Android Technology?
Yes! The iPhone is the top selling phone in the market place right now, so we wanted to start there, but apps for the android technology are in the works!

Can I have more than one?
Absolutely! Many studios have one for each of their business areas. For example, you may have a child and family portraiture focused App, a senior App and a wedding App.

I’m a vendor that sells products to other photographers. Can I have an app?
For sure! We can either customize our existing app to suit your needs or custom design one just for you completely from scratch with every bell and whistle you would like! We want to help you get your products in front of photographers! It doesnt matter if you are a lab, a workshop provider, template designer, framers etc. If you can think of it, we can create it!

Set Up

Do I have to have an iPhone to set up the app?
Nope! All of the set up is done on a private website administration panel. You login online and make changes which will then instantly update your clients’ apps! You do not need to have an iPhone/iPod Touch to set up the app.

Do you recommend using a photo or your logo for your icon?
This is entirely your choice! Either way, your clients are going to SEE your icon many times each day on their phone.

How long can the App name be?
11 characters or less please.

Do I need to have an Apple Developer Account?
Section Header: Apple Computer, Inc. Requirements for App Store In 2011, Apple Computer, Inc. initiated a new requirement that all new apps being placed on the app store must have its own Apple Developer Program Enrollment License. Apple Computer, Inc. requires that the client for whom the app is created for must initiate their own Apple Developer Program Enrollment License (ProPhotoApps is not allowed to create this on behalf of the customer). We recommend that when you create your Apple Developer Program Enrollment License that you do so as an individual, and not a corporate license. This will expedite the information that Apple Computer, Inc. asks for from you and will be generally approved much faster. Apple Computer, Inc. will charge you an annual $99 fee for this license. Once you create this license, we will need to access this license in order to upload your finalized, completed app to the Apple app store. After you purchase your app from ProPhotoApps, you can initiate your Apple Developer Program Enrollment License account at: http://developer.apple.com/programs/start/standard/

Features and Function

Does it hold the daily photo just for one day?
Yes. Currently the photo is held just for one day. This is done to encourage your clients to come and see new photos each day!

As far as the image a day is concerned do we have to manually add them each day or can we load say 30 at a time and have it randomly choose one each day to automatically update?

You can load up to 90 images into your administration panel at any given time. You can then choose if you wish to have a specific image is shown on a specific day A great marketing application of this is calling the client with something like, “Mrs. Smith! Little Susie is our Daily Pic on Wednesday! Mrs. Smith will now likely call her friends and family and share the great news! Alternatively you can have the images rotate. You may also have a combination of the two where some images rotate days and some play on selected dates. This is what I choose to do.

Marketing FAQ’s

How will this app get me more clients?
You will be able to promote this app to existing clients. This will help elevate your brand to existing clients (plus, they will know you are on the cutting edge of marketing for having your own App!) Additionally, you can establish yourself as a leader in the area by being one of the first to have their own app! Have it on your blog, in your direct mail, handouts for clients! Get as many people using your app as possible, then let the app (and your clients) do the rest. Our “forward to a friend” feature allows them to share content with friends who may not have your app. Additionally, it provides an easy way for people to share you studio information when they are not near a computer! Its like having a personal, portable portal directly to your studio!